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Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA)


As businesses weathered the pandemic, the cleaning industry needed a clear, united voice to provide leadership and expertise for keeping employees in the workplace safe, healthy, and productive.


Misinformation and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 enhanced cleaning standards threatened the professional cleaning industry’s ability to operate during the pandemic. These challenges prompted several of the country’s most prominent professional cleaning companies to form the Cleaning Coalition of America to serve as an advocate for the industry’s interests and to champion COVID-19 cleaning and safety protocols.

However, while the formation of the Cleaning Coalition of America was an important first step toward demonstrating the industry’s value amid the pandemic, the Coalition needed to quickly develop an unmistakable brand identity and voice to effectively influence key stakeholders and assert the industry’s leadership.


As part of this engagement, Marathon developed a suite of creative marketing assets – including static images, GIFs, and longer form videos – and conducted creative testing with more than 600 decisionmakers nationwide spanning aviation, commercial real estate, healthcare, and education to ensure that the coalition’s new messaging and branding would resonate with its target audiences and influence public opinion.

Marathon then worked closely with the Coalition to develop a tailored media buying and audience targeting strategy to deliver messages directly to its audiences across Facebook, LinkedIn, programmatic, search, and premium content buys. The paid campaign focused on introducing the Coalition as the “authority on clean” and spotlighted scientific data points and external experts informing the industry’s best practices and cleaning protocols.


Marathon grew the Coalition’s name recognition by 371 percent and drove 40,826 new visitors to the coalition’s website – a 1,200 percent increase in users from the three-month period before launch. Marathon also served 23,284,244 total impressions to its target audiences, exceeding the Coalition’s goal by 20 percent – or 2.6 million impressions

The Authority on Clean

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