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Marathon Strategies has built a reputation for delivering intelligent communications and research solutions for the world’s top corporations, brands, and associations. To stay at the forefront of our industry, we produce original research reports that provide actionable insights and help organizations and industries understand challenging issues, protect reputations, and achieve communications goals. 

Corporate Verdicts Go Thermonuclear: 2024 Edition 

The second annual edition of Marathon’s analysis of jury verdicts over $10 million against corporate defendants revealed that in 2023, American juries ordered more supersized verdicts against companies than ever before. Coming soon, sign up to receive the report first. 

The Age of Disinformation

Once a fringe internet subculture, disinformation has crossed over into mainstream discourse — with the ability to spread suddenly and rapidly. While the media spotlight has often focused on the political consequences of hoaxes and conspiracy theories, a growing number of voices are sounding the alarm: disinformation is coming for brands. “The Age of Disinformation” details the top industries targeted by disinformation, the consequences of an attack, and how businesses can prepare before they fall victim of a disinformation campaign that could cause irreparable reputational damage. 

Corporate Verdicts Go Thermonuclear

Amid economic turbulence and recession concerns, American companies must focus not only on Wall Street and Washington, but also on the nation’s courtrooms. “Corporate Verdicts Go Thermonuclear” details the seismic shift in the legal landscape, as the median corporate nuclear verdict—jury awards surpassing $10 million—has skyrocketed from $21.5 million in 2020 to an unprecedented $41.1 million in 2022. This report serves as a warning to corporate America: no industry is immune to thermonuclear verdicts or the reputational damage they cause. 

Say Their Names  

In 2020, demonstrations against police brutality were not confined to the streets. But has the historically high online conversation about policing influenced legislative action at the state level?
This is what we had in mind when we undertook “Say Their Names,” a report that tracked and analyzed public sentiment toward police reform, state by state, and compared that sentiment with
the volume of police-reforms proposed or enacted by each state’s legislative and executive branches.

Meet The Freshmen 

The “Meet The Freshmen” guide provides a digestible, nonpartisan, need-to-know overview of the positions that incoming members of the 118th Congress have taken on issues involving gun safety; Big Tech and data privacy; economy, jobs, and taxes; health care and the social safety net; climate change, energy, and the environment; immigration and border security; the Supreme Court and government institutions; reproductive rights; crime and public safety; education; and foreign policy.

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